Wedding Photography Timeline

When it comes to your planning sometimes it is easy to forget all the details that we discuss when we are at the office. That is why we want to offer you this comprehensive timeline that will better help you understand how we do business.

We will explain how long it takes to get your images, how we deliver albums and many other small things that sometimes get forgotten on the mist of wedding planning.

Before the wedding day

1. Initial meeting with our photography team

We suggest you meet with us 6 months in advance of your wedding day ideally. We are always booking new events so the earlier you come to meet us the easier will it be to get a chance to have your wedding captured by Red Bank Studio.

2. Contracting Red Bank Studio for your wedding day

Most couples usually need a few days to see all their options and see who is a good fit for them. If you decide on booking Red Bank Studio, we ask you to send us an email via our CONTACT form on our website with your name and package that you have decided to go for. Within 24 hours, we will get back to you and present you with your online contract. For each one of our clients, we offer an individual CLIENT PAGE where we store all the paperwork for your wedding.

Once you receive your contract, please sign it. Once so, we will follow up with an invoice for your deposit. Once the contract is signed and the deposit payed, you are officially booked for your photography and/or cinematography with Red Bank Studio! Congratulations!

For paying your invoice, we offer the option of paying with check, credit, debit or cash. For the check and cash options, please visit our store.

3. Your wedding questionnaire

Now that your wedding contract and deposit are taken care of, the next step is your wedding questionnaire. The form that is provided for you on your CLIENT AREA is what we have with us on your wedding day. We try to gather as much information as possible and find out all the images that you would like to have and all the moments that you would like to have captured on video before the day. In this way, we hope that on the wedding day you will only enjoy your day and not have to worry if everything you expected and wanted was captured.

The questionnaire is open for editing up to 1 week to your wedding day.

4. Engagement session

If your wedding package includes an engagement session, then here are the steps that we take:

1.       Booking the session – to book an engagement session, please go to and click on the BOOK APPOIMENT. Then click on ENGAGEMENT SESSION. A calendar will appear with all the dates and times that we have available as of now, so you can pick a time that would work best with your schedule. On the NOTES part please let us know of your desired location. We offer free of charge engagement sessions within 30 miles of our Red Bank store.

2.       On the week of the engagement session, your photographer will contact you to make sure we are all set and ready for your session. All the last minute details will be discussed at that time.

3.       Our engagements are 60 minutes long and in average we capture 100 to 150 images that you will receive.

4.       Two to three weeks after your engagement session, your DVD will be ready. Once your DVD is ready we will email you so you can pick it up from the store. Alternatively, you can also have your DVD shipped to you for a modest fee.

5. Check up call

Two weeks before your wedding, we will call you to go over all the details of your questionnaire. Any questions you might have can be addressed at that time. Once we discuss all this details we are all set and ready to capture your Big Day. Please feel free to call us if this time doesn’t work for you or if you would like the check up call to happen sooner.

On the wedding day

On the Big Day there is nothing really that needs to be done on your side. We will have your client questionnaire with us and all the photos and video that you would like to have captured is already there. We want you to enjoy your day!