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A great company is as great as its team members. We are proud to have a team of dedicated professionals which are there every step of the way and are looking to create an unmatched experience for you on your special day !

Bogdan R.  - Leader Photographer and Owner

Bogdan R. is one of the two owners of Red Bank Studio, with over 15 years of experience in the photography field. With a family background of artists and attending an Art Vocational High School in Europe, he’s been attracted to beauty, arts and photography. Later on in life, he achieved a Bachelor in Business Management and Administration, education that he did not embrace or follow.  His artistic side guided him to totally different directions in life. In his early 20s he started to work as a wedding photographer for different photography companies from New York and later on Chicago. He gained most of his experience collaborating with one of the Major Chicago Photography Companies where he had the position of Leader Photographer and covered up to 100 weddings a year.

Attracted by the East Coast Charm, he decided to move on the Jersey Shore where fun and sun are almost all year round… Together with his best friend (Mike, another leader photographer) they opened Red Bank Studio, located in the heart of Red Bank, NJ.

During his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and baby daughter. Travelling and outside activities are their favorite. 

The Way I see things:

"Everything I create comes from real passion and love. Photography is not only a hobby is what I do, my life… Since I was a child, I used to spend hours on our family’s albums. It was my own history, my own past. I still believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. On my father’s side we had the artists. My father painted and so did his father before him. At my grandfather’s house you’d find oils and canvases all around the place. My mother loved reading and I remember growing up, hiding under desks full of books and paintings. I never wrote or read belletristic, I never drew… but I used our century’s technology to capture slices of life.

As a wedding photographer I get to take pictures of people in love... I create beautiful, stylish and unobtrusive images - I specialize in documentary wedding photography, which basically means I let people relax and be themselves, and that means you get honest, natural and emotional photographs. Using my extensive background, I know how to create a unique record that captures all the emotion, spirit and soul of your wedding. By combining natural documentary images with stunning and creative portraits you get a great mix of imagery which tells the full story of your wedding day.”

His signature:

Mike G. - Leader Photographer  and Owner

Mike is a professional journalistic Wedding Photographer in Red Bank, N.J. and started practicing photography over 12 years ago. He opened Red Bank Studio along with his associate, Bogdan.

Mike loves capturing unique and special moments between his couples in the most amazing scenery possible. He always loves to push his craft to create images that his clients will cherish forever. Mike thrives on the challenge and commitment that comes with photo shooting a wedding or event, as you're fashioning someone's lifetime dream into a day. He has a natural empathy with each of his clients and they feel confident in his ability to deliver their dreams.

People that know him, say that his charm and charisma makes them feel special and that he knows exactly what each couple is looking for…

In his spare time, Mike enjoys spending time with his fiancé and his two dogs Mulder and Scully. His favorite type of photography besides weddings is landscape photography. He loves boating and golfing as his outdoor activities. Today, Mike serves clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut as a dedicated full-time wedding photographer. 

Review his work:


Alyce & Daniel's wedding: http://www.redbankstudio.com/blog/alyce-and-daniels-wedding

Ally & Dan's wedding: http://www.redbankstudio.com/blog/ally-and-dans-wedding

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Monica Cristina M. - Leader Photographer and Editor

Moni is one of our favorite photographers who’s using her technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story, your unique story…  She has a natural ability for taking good photos and she’s been cultivating her talent over years of practice. With "a good eye""— she is mastering the art of using colors, shadows, shades, light, and distance to compose good photographs.

Besides the technical skills she possess a great personality and understands the needs of her clients, proposing solutions with a very positive attitude. Couples love working with her and she is the perfect choice for brides that prefer to have a female photographer. 

Regarding her personal life, as any of you… she is getting ready to be an Amazing Bride by the end of 2017.  She is probably sharing the same emotions you all do, with the same level of intensity that makes her genuinely empathic. Besides getting ready to a life of commitment, she adores to spend time with her 2 dogs, offering the perfect home for her 2 little loves. She is also interested in artisanal crafts and loves reading a good book over a cup of coffee or tea. 

If interested to talk to her, just let us know and we will help you set up a Complimentary Wedding Consultation to meet her. Until then... take the time to check her portfolio and creativity:


       Travis & Michelle's wedding:  http://www.redbankstudio.com/blog/weddings/michelle-and-travis

       Willow & Ryan's wedding:     http://www.redbankstudio.com/blog/black-and-white-wedding-photography

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Shan - Leader Photographer and Editor

Shan is a professional journalistic Wedding Photographer from Wayne, New Jersey, and started practicing photography over 6 years ago. Shan joined Red Bank Studio as a full time photographer, and he is also in charge of the magic that happens when the photos are getting back in the studio.

He worked with accomplished photographers in New York and he has photographed over 250 weddings and many more are to come. Shan is passionate about documenting life and its events with his camera and telling stories through photographs. He loves to find a fresh perspective and how a photograph can speak more than words. For him, each and every wedding is always an incredible journey and he can never wait to capture the next: “My approach is to be like a guest with a camera and I like to document what I see in a creative and artful way – not just the key events, but all the moments in between.”

                     Your life’s story is important!  Your people are important!  Memories are important!  YOU are important!!!

Check his photography that speaks for himself:


       Annalle & Vishal's wedding:  http://www.redbankstudio.com/blog/annalle-and-vishal-day-ii

       Danes & Dahlie`s wedding:  http://www.redbankstudio.com/blog/dahlie-and-danes-wedding    

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Chris - Videographer 

Dennis - Videographer

Elena R. - Photographer & Event Coordinator

Elena R. is one of our photographers (2nd shooter) and team members  covering the position of Event Coordinator. With many years of customer service experience, she brings her expertise in advising and attending our clientele.

Our clients would describe her as customer service oriented, knowledgeable and very detailed in explaining the packages and our company’s coverages, responsive to your requests and questions, outgoing, caring, and friendly. 

Besides dealing with the daily office work, she’s been trained on the basic rules of photography, assisting the photographers during major events, and trained in covering the photo-booths needs and settings during wedding receptions.  Being involved in the direct work of our photographers, Elena understands the steps of a wedding and the necessity of a good wedding planning.