The Getting Ready Moment is one of our favorite parts of the wedding day to shoot.

What is the Getting Ready Session? This is when the bride and her girls, the groom and his boys get ready for the big day. To freeze this special part of your day, you will need to save at least 90 minutes. During this time we usually photograph a handful of different things starting with the details pictures: wedding dress, shoes, engagement rings, flowers, and wedding invitation. We cover the details pictures quickly and efficiently leaving us enough time to focus and photograph the bride and the bridesmaids actually getting ready. Our style for this process is candid, natural, capturing the real moments.

 it will require to add more time to the timeline, if the bride and groom get ready separately (assuming that they are at nearby locations) in order to have both sides covered.

We usually spend most of the time  photographing the bride, finishing up her makeup, getting dressed assisted by her bridesmaids and her mom, lacing the dress, putting the shoes, earrings and the vail. This is the perfect moment for the bridal portraits ! For this unique moment, we like to play with the natural light, coming in from a window. When it comes to the groom, we are photographing him buttoning his shirt, vest, tying his tie,etc... We always ask the best man to be part of this process.  

Few tips to make this session run smoothly on your Wedding Day:

-        In terms of the timing, consider at least 90 minutes - this would allow us to photograph this process smoothly without you feeling rushed in any way

-        When it comes to the location, we suggest for both of you to get ready at the same venue or nearby locations

-        When putting together the timeline of your day, you should consider to add some time for the actually getting dress moment (depends on how complicated your wedding dress is) 

-        Make sure you are not the last one to get your hair and makeup done. Most of the time when the day runs late, it is because of the hair or makeup process has fallen behind

-        If your maid of honor or your mother are helping you getting ready, make sure they are dressed up ahead of time

-        Ideal scenario for getting ready is to have a room with large windows where natural light can be used for painting the perfect picture, and also... as little crowded as possible

-        Gather and put aside in one are, the wedding dress, wedding shoes, the rings, invitations or any other items which you like to have them photographed.


Paying attention to all these details might seem overwhelming, but these tips are meant to help you keep your wedding day as smooth as possible ! Congratulations again and follow us for more ideas and tips ...