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Reasons for having an Engagement Session

So you are engaged, congratulation! Now is the time when you are busy planning your big day, from flowers, vendors to the smallest detail of your Wedding.

Next on your list may be hiring a photographer. Once you meet with your photographer and make the commitment with him or her, you hopefully added one valuable event to your photography package, The Engagement Session.

There are a few reasons you shouldn`t pass up the opportunity for having engagement shoot.

1.       You`ll be able to get to know your photographer:

The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your photographer before the wedding day. You will learn more about his photography style,  will allow you a level of comfort and trust since he or she will be around you for entire wedding day. You can talk more about your wedding plans and get tips about planning out the schedule.

2.       You will be able to become comfortable in front of the camera:

Spending more than an hour in front of the camera during this session is the key to get more lose and become more comfortable when you pose. Your interaction with each other will become more natural and you`ll learn to avoid the innate reflex to stiff up and smile directly into the camera.

3.       Your photos will be actually useful:

The pictures from the engagement session are creative, unique and aren`t limited to the confines of a picture frame. Use them for Save the Date cards, reception charts and table indicators, guest books, wedding programs.

We hope these tips were helpful for you. By the end of it all you`ll be readyfor anything the day throws at you, you`ll have some fantastic photos and you`ll be pumped for the big day.