There is always so much going on the morning of your wedding. But getting ready photos before your wedding are undoubtedly some of the most genuine and memorable moments of our day. The behind the scenes, candid moments that will make you look back on your big day with feelings of nostalgia and excitement.  Today we are sharing our favorite must-have getting ready photos to inspire your wedding.

 Bride Getting Ready: we love classic shots of the bride getting ready, makeup, hair.


 The Dress: Make sure you love the room you are getting ready in as it will serve as the backdrop for all these pictures. Including the one of your dress.

Candid shots of the Girls: We make it a priority to have the most fun possible. It definitely unleashes our funny side.

 The Rings and Bouquet: Definitely a must have those pictures! 

 The Bridal Portraits: I always like to save a few minutes for a couple glamour shots of the bride right before we have to head out.