Fall in Love… with Red Bank Studio’s wedding photography

There’s something so warm and cozy about Fall, which makes it a perfect time of year for your wedding. With summer drawing to an end, and the colorful autumn months ahead, it is time for all fall wedding planning projects to get tied up in a bow. Dreaming of fall foliage, warm apple cider, and palette of leaf green and chocolate brown? Sounds like you have a fall wedding in mind. Now you need inspiration! Read on…

  • Fall-loving brides, when starting to plan a wedding for this time of the year, think colorful! Probably plenty of brightly colored leaves come to mind… Utilize everything from orange and brown to deep green and the occasional deep purple, incorporate any and all shades (both brighter and darker) of these basic hues into your invitations, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, ties, tuxedo vests, linens, napkins, florals and more: cranberry, eggplant, navy, olive, etc… The current wedding color trend is wedding palettes consisting of two, three or sometimes even four colors - having just one wedding color is no longer the standard. Choose one bold color and then incorporate several supporting colors to create a well-balanced visual experience.

  • Don’t get shy with your fall wedding decorations! Use centerpieces filled with dried leaves, dark wood, colorful pumpkins and assorted gourds, autumn-colored flower arrangements, golden glitter, small pumpkins or gourds as unique name cards, include fruit, such as tiny pears, in the centerpieces, decorate doorways with vines, and don’t forget that colored linens and napkins will truly transform the room.

  • Keeping family traditions front of mind is one favorite tips for fall brides, and of course a fall wedding needs autumn-inspired menu items: carrot cake and corn bread, plenty of cinnamon, pumpkin or squash-based creamy soups, roasted turkey or chicken as an entrée, sweet potatoes, rockfish cakes on ,cheddar grits, and if possible… the bride’s signature biscuits. Give a nod to Halloween by serving chocolate martinis with Hershey's Kisses!

  • Talking about “The Cake” opt out of a traditional wedding cake and serve slices of apple, cherry, and pumpkin pie instead OR Go for Drama with a four-tier confection wrapped in dark chocolate fondant and covered in green sugar-paste apples. Dazzle guests with a cupcake tower or tower of donuts!


  • Bite-sized desserts are a big hit no matter what the season, and fall-inspired bite-sized treats will keep your guests munching late into the fall-themed wedding event. Include a wide variety of desserts in addition to the wedding cake, such as mini pies, ice creams, cheesecakes, cookies, etc.

  • No wedding is complete without a perfect assortment of drinks. When you start planning your reception bar, include any of these types of flavor combinations: spiced rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream, pumping, hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon, fig, apple cider, ginger, bourbon, etc…

  • For The Favors, Give a kid treat: caramel-dipped Granny Smiths wrapped in cellophane, create a bundle of cookies packaged with a monogrammed label OR Offer spice-scented -- think gingerbread -- candles.

  • When it comes to weddings, flowers are a key! Utilize any of these fall-blooming beauties—in the traditional fall colors, of course—to truly bring your autumn-themed fall wedding to life: Chrysanthemum, Asiatic lily, Dahlia, Yarrow, Roses, Gerbera and Calla lily.

  • Send your wedding invitation in a velvet pocket featuring stitching of your first names, use metallic gold paper to give any color scheme a fall feel and Incorporate an autumnal icon such as a maple leaf or pinecone.